Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a week!

Last week, I found a little chihuahua in our front yard. I approached it and it growled at me. It

was very thin, dirty, and looked injured. I gave it some food and water and decided to try to

catch it and look for the owners. My grand daughters and husband helped out. We used the car

and ended up chasing it all over the neighborhood. Larry used a blanket, cornered it

and threw the blanket over him. We put signs up around the neighborhood, well actually, Larry

did. The dog hid behind the toilet in the bathroom. Then the dog got away again while trying to

take him to the bathroom in the yard.

I chased it again in the car with my grand daughters and nearly gave up.

Then we prayed in the car. If God wanted us to catch it then would He please help us. I

opened the side door and it put its paws up. It wasn't long and we had it again. We took care of

it with Syd Curtis' help...bloody paw, diarrhea, it was just a mess. He went to the bathroom

several places in the car. So the week was spent giving it boiled hamburger and rice to control

the diarrhea. We started to fall in love with this cute dog and named it Bambi because it looked

like a deer and was found out in the grass. After about a day, he started letting us hold him and

bathe him and wrap him up in a little blanket. He was so cute, except for his bad breath. He

loved just sitting in my lap. We found the owner just as the dog was getting

better and it was an answer to a girls prayers. The dog belonged to a 13 year old who had

received it on her 6th birthday. She lives at Horne and 8th Avenue which is miles away. The

dog had disappeared from her home 10 days earlier and come to find out she had prayed and

prayed. She was searching with her parents and hadn't given up hope. The dog came to my

yard and her uncle (who lived near by) happened to see the sign and called us. So, we were sad

to see Bambi go but it was all worth it to see him lick the owner's face and be so happy to be

reunited. I found out that I love chihuahuas.

I'm so happy that a loving Heavenly Father heard a young woman's prayers and that I was able

to be a tool in helping this scared little dog get back home.

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  1. That was a great story and I really admire your effort and dedication!! I love that you are so in tune with the spirit.