Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dark Skin

I've recently observed that my skin is getting dark and very freckled and with a lot more aged

spots. At first, I thought...oh...old age! But then, I realized that Larry had gotten dark skin when

he was on rapamune medication. (Which is an anti rejection drug) And now, I'm on rapamune,

and double the amount that he was on. So, I have to take extra precautions about being in the

sun and wearing sunscreen. I am now trying to cover the skin as much as possible. It's not only

the dark skin but it also makes me more prone to skin cancer in the future. Larry is no longer

on rapamune because they switched his medicine, but he continues to have skin cancer. So, I am

going to try to stay inside as much as possible and wear that sunscreen!

The last couple of days have been spent with grand kids...teaching them to swim..having an

overnight party...visiting the public library...and visiting my daughters at their houses. It's been

so fun, and honestly, it's been along time since my energy level has been that high. I've been

able to teach in Young Women's for two weeks in a row and then at the Leadership Training

Meeting. I just thank my Heavenly Father, who is pouring out blessings upon me and our


I've been studying about desires lately in the scriptures and have read that the Lord "blesses us

according to our desires." While Satan "binds us according to our desires."

I remember that when I was first diagnosed with this illness, I was praying to have the Lord's

will to be done. I didn't seem to get an answer until I expressed my heartfelt DESIRE to God

that I wanted to live and be healed all the way. Then God granted me the blessing that I would

be healed. I am learning that God blesses us according to our desires. (Of course it must be a

good desire and also God's will) And, I know that God is a keeper of promises!

What an exciting adventure to have so many blessings being poured out upon our family at this

time. We are also being inspired with regards to our "Do it Yourself EZ Epozy Kits." The sale of

these will enable us to pay more money towards our medical bills. I marvel at the ways of the

Lord and how he blesses us according to our desires. We are trying to listen and be more in tune,

so that we can be guided along the way. Another blessing that we are receiving is a big one as

well. During our last trip to Houston, Texas, when we went to the Burzynski Clinic, we took the

time to visit our Mortgage Company that happens to be in the same city. We met with a man

that supposedly had been assigned to our case to help us lower our mortgage payment. We had

tried for 6 months, and were almost 3 months behind in payments. He told us what we needed to

do and we took care of the paper work. A few days ago, he called and said that we had qualified.

Our payments will be lowered to where we should be able to pay them monthly. Our desire has

been to stay here in our home and to continue our business. It's been a good set up with our

business in the backyard with a side gate for entrance. This is another one of those tender

mercies that we are experiencing. We live in troubled times and I am learning to trust in the

Lord and let Him help to carry my burden. I am also learning that He LOVES all of us and truly

desires to bless us according to our needs and desires. It is important to be in tune and to listen

to His direction and the promptings that we receive and then to act upon them. I feel very

grateful to Heavenly Father for his marvelous ways and the miracles that are occurring in our


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  1. Margaret-
    This post was so beautiful and totally inspiring. Thank you so much for posting your insights, faith and feelings. I hope you know that it is appreciated.
    Love from your cousin,