Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Home from the Burzynski Clinic

Larry and I returned home today from the Burzynski Clinic in Houston Texas. We were there

for two days.
They are really pleased with how I am responding to the medications and how

the tumors are diminishing and disappearing. We got to meet with several doctors, including

Dr. Burzynski. He said that the Gene Marker Test came back and he needed to adjust my

medication. We asked a lot of questions and received many answers. The Medical Director of

Hemato-oncology, from Tokyo Japan was there. He is learning from Dr. Burzynski and will be

using his treatment plan in Japan. Larry and I met with the radiologist who explained to us the

scans on the computer and how to understand them. They say that I have improved over 50%

in the past 3 months and feel very confident that I will completely heal. (Which I know I will!)

Suzanne Somers (in the t.v. sitcom Three's Company) recently interviewed Dr. Burzynski

and is very interested in his alternative cancer treatments and how he discovered

antineoplastons, which target cancer cells, without destroying normal cells. On Oct. 22nd,

Dr. Burzynski will be on the Larry King Show, with Suzanne Somers. So that will be fun

to watch.

It was great to meet new patients at the clinic and get to hear their amazing healing stories...

how they were led to the clinic and how they are improving in health. Dr. Burzynski has treated

more than 8,000 patients from all over the world and is a bright eyed physician and scientist .

He is known as a visionary genius who is saving untold thousands of lives. I feel that Heavenly

Father has inspired him and I am so grateful for his knowledge and wisdom.

Again, thank you to all of you that are helping me to pay for the pills and the medical bills. I

know that they are costly but they are giving me life...and that makes me happy:) I am also

grateful for insurance which is covering much of my expenses. Everyone that I have talk to at

the clinic has been guided there through prayer. (Except one man that told me that

he has known of the clinic for 20 years and always said that if he got cancer, he would go there)

I have learned that Heavenly Father loves all of his children. It doesn't matter what religion

or what race..he hears their heartfelt prayers. All the people that I have spoken with are so

humble and trust in the Lord and have great faith. They cry tears of gratitude for their healing.

There are so many miracles! It's an amazing place and the spirit is so strong there. I just want

to tell everyone about the Burzynski Clinic and how amazing God is in healing me and so many

others as well!

If you are interested in seeing some fascinating video clips from the fox news channel in Houston,

about different patients and how they are being helped and just what Dr. Burzynski does...then

go to the following link.


  1. Margaret, it is amazing how our Father works. I have known about the clinic for some years through a friend who is a walking testimony. There is a House of Prayer (HOP) on Friday nights in Largo, FL. It is affiliated with Harvest Temple Church of God (HTCOG). Through HOP, I found my home church in Tampa which is about 30 miles away.

    Yesterday, He was telling me to go to HTCOG. It was an AWESOME praise and worship time. message and a GREAT conversation about carnal Christians vs Spirit-Filled Christians. Hmmmm, was that what I was sent there for today. Nooooooo! On the way out I learned about one of the youth who was just diagnosed with three inoperable masses in his brain.

    Ding-ding!! Dr B's clinic. Well, I had to write an e-mail to the pastor and did a google search to get the site. I started to include some others and your was number 9 - wayyy to cool!!! You are doing God's work and you didn't know it-haha! I included you link also as a testimonial and about God.

    OK the funny thing about this is that I only read half of it and wrote this in my e-mail to Pastor -------- "There is WAYYYYYY too much money in cancer and if a cure came around - whoa!!! what would that do to the field of oncology. Well, turning our life over and not living a sinful life, there should not be any sickness either. If there is, there should be a remedy. Well, there is and many people have found it thru Dr. B. I have worked in the med profession for years. Now combined with my Holy Spirit awareness and more, I have come to believe that Dr B has an anointing and has been a designated healer----man, am I getting the Holy Spirit tinglies when I typed that and they won't stop-they are even intensifying.----------
    Well, then I read what you said about Dr. B and here they go again-the HST's!!!!!

    I will dig into your blog a little more and keep you in my prayers.

    Abba father, please curl up with Margaret right now as only you can do!! Let her feel those arms around you and that gentle reassuring touch. Let her be reassured that you ARE Jehovah Rophe and as we speak you are drying up that cancer in her body and turning it to dust and spreading it in dry and desolate places. Let Margaret know that you are Jehovah Shalom and that she will have peace throughout as well as comfort her whole family and let them know of the peace and joy that you are providing through your Son!! I ask all of this is Jesus's name. Amen


    PS I had to set-up a new account to post this, so there is nothing there yet.

    Ok,… I know people don’t like to waist a lot of time reading about people’s complaints…. BUT, if you or a loved one has received the diagnosis of cancer PLEASE take time to read this about the Bursznski Clinic in Houston Texas! We feel we were scammed…. And would like to save others from experiencing the same!