Saturday, August 8, 2009

I love life!

Life is wonderful and it's great to be feeling so good again! I was just thinking about 3 things that

I love... that all start with a "D", and I've been enjoying them today. They are Dancing

(especially ballet...that I don't even know anything about but dance around the house pretending

to be a 53 year old ballerina) and Decorating (my grown kids think I'm crazy to be

redecorating so often .....but I love it!) and last but not least...Delicious Pies

( sugar) that our kind neighbor brings over occasionally! So...those are the Three D's

that I love! It seems like I appreciate life even more now since it could have been snatched

away from me so easily.

I remember one of my mother's favorite quotes that has taken on much meaning

in my life. It is "Life is fragile...handle with prayer." I've found that to be true!

1 comment:

  1. Mother, I LOVE to read your blog. You are so inspiring... How did I get blessed with the BEST mother ever?