Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Wonderful Day

It's truly been a wonderful day today!

James mowed the lawn and edged it and it looks beautiful.

Larry made sure the weeds all got pulled out of the garden with a little help. We enjoyed having

Aaron and Andrea's 3 children over this morning and afternoon. We painted, made little cookies

in the easy bake oven and read stories. We just received a call from Jonathan... that Carrie is

needing to go to the hospital... as her contractions aren't stopping. So, Maria is going to take the

two youngest children and we are going to get the older two. So, that will be fun! I love having

the grand children and family around. Maria has been very busy lately with all that she

does to help everyone and we really need her right now as 3 are expecting babies within the

next week or two in our family. (or maybe tonight)Busy times, but we are up to it.

I am so glad that I can take my pills and not be sick.

It seems like it is a full time job to just swallow them at the right times during the day

and make sure I eat food with most of them...and then check them off my list. It's a blessing to

even have them... as they are so expensive. But, they are certainly working! Life is good!

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