Monday, August 24, 2009

Auction in October

I'm wondering if anyone would be interesting in attending an auction to raise money for my

medicine. I'm thinking that it might be helpful. Does anyone have something they would be

able to auction off? Please let me know by emailing me at

I hate to be so needy but we are also looking to get some tickets to Houston Texas for 2 people at

the end of September. So.....that's what we need. I'm scheduled for another pet scan and Gene

Marker test mid September and need to see Dr. Burzynski at the end of that month. Then in

October I start the rituxin series again (which I need to have every 6 months for 3 years) But

basically, I plan to be a lot better by Spring. What an exciting adventure life is with all its twists

and turns. Life is really is.

Larry and I are cleaning out the garage today and since Larry took a quick trip to DI to drop off

a load of things... I thought it would be nice to take a breather and write on this blog. Last week

was hard and I was kind of sick... but this week is a different story. I'm trying to get our house

in order before the 3 grand kids are born and the holidays arrive. It's great to feel good and be

able to do things. I stay so busy just taking my cute little pills. It's crazy but I honestly take 40

pills a day and they are all spaced out at different times. But they are working... and that is

whats important.

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