Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have so many wonderful angels that bless my life daily. I want to just name a few of them that

have been there for me today so far.

I got to go to Susan Brown's home this morning and just being with her blesses my life. Her

home is healing as well. Then Sharon Lindblom came by with fresh ripe blackberries that make

the mouth water and a bag full of peaches that are now in a basket on my counter. Larry fixed

my broken dishwasher by taking all the parts out by using a screwdriver and cleaning the

peices. Yeah! Then, Adele LeSueur came to the door with fresh whole wheat bread and

brought a sweet spirit with her as she visited in our home. Larry and I had a scrumptious

sandwich after she left, using the bread...and we needed it, how did she know? (we had also just

run out of fresh fruit) Then, my wonderful sister Helen called and we talked about a lot of things

and she was so caring and concerned about us. It just felt good to be remembered. So, I am so

spoiled again today. Angels are near by on this earth as well as in the spirit world around me. I

feel of God's hand and blessings daily.

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