Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Joyous Week!

This has been a very JOYOUS week. James and Julie are now married and they are just a

darling couple! The reception was beautiful and the Stapley family delighted us all with the

musical band numbers as well as their daughters singing a song. Yes, we are very pleased and

feel that James has married well. Julie also has done well to get James.

Larry was able to make it through the day with his eye. He is starting to be able to see out of the

top of his eye now...which is very exciting. We both had a very busy day yesterday and crashed

last night. We had so much help and support from many friends and family members. The

Stapley Family did a wonderful job with the reception set up as well... and we enjoyed working

with them.

Our daughter in law, Carrie, has been in the hospital for a couple of days and will need to stay

there due to some pregnancy complications, until the baby is born. So, I am playing Mommy to

my grandchildren. Larry and I are enjoying them but they sure keep us busy. Jonathan is

working and taking care of Carrie and seeing the kids when he can. I will be spending the night

in Queen Creek for a week so.. good luck to me. I do love my grand kids and am grateful for the

strength that I have right now. (And may it continue!)

Oh, the best news! Some wonderful and generous person donated $5,000 to my health care!

So, the pressure is off a bit right now. I can order some pills. I am just sitting here smiling:)

It's makes me so happy that Heavenly Father is looking after me! Thank you so much to

whoever donated the money and may God bless you with the righteous desires of your heart. I

am going to sleep peacefully tonight.

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