Sunday, December 6, 2009

Peggy Sue Golf Tournament

Although I missed going the the tournament, I was there in spirit. I so much appreciate all who

gave up their Saturday (and the wife's who gave up their husbands) to golf the 18 holes in my

behalf. The hat's turned out so nice...thanks to Ellen Rogers and her son Jeff. Bryan Stradling

deserves a big hand for all that he did in my behalf. (and Maria as well!) So many people

donated money and time and I don't how to begin to thank everyone.

But, I just couldn't go to bed with out attempting to express my deep appreciation to all that

were involved. It comes down to love. There are so many Christ-like people out there. One

person donated $5. Some $75... others more. Another donated $1,000. All the money

combined sure adds up. Thank you...thank you...thank all of you that helped in any

way. I love you all!

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