Sunday, December 20, 2009

No voice

Today is Sunday, and I had to stay home from church. I've had a bad sore throat and laryngitis.

Not fun! I whisper and ring a bell when I need Larry to help with something. It's so funny!

It's wonderful to have the Priesthood in my home and that Larry could give me a blessing.

I just have to get better so that I can talk to our missionary son, Thomas, when he calls on

Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day...we don't know when he will be calling yet.

Our oldest daughter, Maria, made lunch for us today and it was so delicious.

She made whole wheat spaghetti and a fruit drink with spinach blended up in it.

It doesn't sound very good, but it was the best!

We enjoyed the two family Christmas parties last night. One was for Larry's side of the family

and was held at the church building. We enjoyed a lovely dinner, a great story, message from

Grandpa, and a hayride. The other was for my side of the family and was held at my sisters,

Martha's home. We arrived after dinner, as both parties were on the same evening. But,

we so much enjoyed visiting and hearing the musical performances. It was wonderful!!

Having two parties on one night was a little too much for me and by the end of the evening,

I had lost my voice. But, it was great to see family and just be together.

...Well, Larry is in bed and it is super late... so, I will hurry off to join him soon. He set up a

humidifier next to our bed to add a little moisture to the air and to help with my throat.

That was so nice of him. Larry is really good to me and is constantly serving and helping me

out. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful husband!

I just want to add, what a blessing it is to be alive and to get to enjoy this wonderful Christmas

season with family and friends!

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  1. You do have a wonderful husband. I hope you are feeling better soon. Merry Christmas!