Thursday, December 3, 2009


Throughout this whole cancer experience, I have felt such deep peace. It has sustained me and

given me great comfort. I know what it is like to be held in the Lord's hand and to be blessed

while experiencing a deep trial. He has truly been with me every step of the way and is

continuing to bless my life and to give me strength. This Christmas season I want to testify that

God lives and that He loves each of His children. I know that miracles have not ceased and that

healing continues even in our day. I have such a wonderful husband that is very supportive and

helpful to me. He loves me and that means everything to me. I am blessed with such great

children that have strong faith and are there for me constantly. They, along with so

many others have sacrificed much in order to help me.
Thank you to all that pray for me and

give so generously to help me get my pills. May God bless each of you with your needs this

Christmas season. Good news! I made the Easter Pageant along with my granddaughter

Rebecca. So, we will be having a very special experience this spring. It will be wonderful to

participate in testifying of Jesus Christ through music and acting!

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