Saturday, June 6, 2009

What a week!

It started off last Sunday when my ear hurt so badly that I had to go into Urgent Care.

The doctor said I had staph inside of the earlobe and he put me on a high dosage of keflex and

said to keep the earlobe warm throughout the day to help with circulation. So there I was, sick

with a warm pack on my ear and Larry lay on the couch across from me with his nose all

bandaged up from his cancer surgery. We were kind of a mess. We laughed about it though.

Anyway, I had picked up staph from taking a warm bath after being a the two different hospitals

for the last couple of weeks, while visiting Larry.. The doctor said that it wasn't contagious in a

swimming pool and that I couldn't have gotten it there.'s doing much better and I am

very glad. Also, Larry's nose is healing up well and he got his stitches out. His stomach has

also been healing up better, although for the last couple of weeks it was a mess...oh well.

Last night, it was soooo wonderful to go to the Italian Dinner that was put on to raise money

for my medicines that aren't covered by insurance. Oh, it was wonderful! At least 200 people

were there and it was like a reception, with an orchestra, beautiful tables with candles and

delicious was so fun! I just wanted to visit with everyone. Aaron was the auctioneer

and he did a fabulous job and was very entertaining. Andrea was the wonderful organizer

behind it all with her dear mother Lisa and her crew in charge of the dinner and setting up

everything. Maria was doing a little of everything and did soo much. Joseph had made his

whistles and sold them. Carrie had put together a video but they didn't have time to show it.

I think my favorite part was when my children stood up and sang one of my favorite songs

"Top of The World". I just loved it...and smiled as they sang. It touched my heart!

If anyone is reading this blog that helped in anyway or bought something or donated money I

want you to know how much I truly appreciate your support! They brought in about $7,000,

which is way more than was expected. The goal was $5, I feel at peace knowing that

my pills are covered for awhile. In the mean time I have a plan to try to get my tykerb pills

donated. So..I'm continuing to work on that little project. I am happy, and am continuing to

get's exciting to be a part of a modern day miracle. May the Lord bless each of you that

may be reading this blog with your own challenges. The Lord blesses us according to our

desires, faith, and God's will.


  1. last night was very good! the food and entertainment was great. I wish I could have stayed longer! I am glad that soo much $$ was raised. Thanks for the update!

  2. I'm so happy to hear that the dinner was a success since we were not able to be there and I don't think our bid was high enough to win (since I haven't heard anything). I'm sorry to hear that Larry has been in the hospital, too. Thank goodness you two stay positive and keep a good humor going. You're both such great examples.