Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doctor visit

I have been on a quest for almost 3 months to get my Tykerb medicine for a better price. It

costs 2,800 a month which is very costly. After exhausting everything I knew to do, I had an

impression to meet with my surgeon who had done the biopsy on my gland and came up with the

first prelimianary diagnosis. So yesterday, I met with him in his office for a special appointment

to get his help. He came into the room and greeted me. I started to refresh his memory about

my diagnosis and what he had told me 3 months ago. Before I could say anything he said, "I

know I told you that we would get it cured, and I apologize. I didn't realize at the time how

agressive the cancer was." I told him that he had been right when he had told me "Don't worry

about it, we're gong to get it cleared up." He corrected me and said, "I said, Don't worry about it,

we're going to get it cured." He apologized deeply and said, I know what I told you and I am

sorry. But I told him... no....he had been right before in what he had told me and that we ARE

going to get it cleared up and that I needed his help in doing it. I went on to tell him about the

Burzynski Clinic and the path that I am taking. He was very pleased and praised me for not

giving up and finding a way to get healed. He seriously sat there and thought for a minute, then

he asked me if I had tried to get it from Canada or Mexico or another country. I said I had but

wasn't able to find a lead and had come upon a brick wall and felt that he was the loose brick to

help get the wall down. He said that he knows where the tykerb is made and had even visited

the plant. It's down in Hermosillo Mexiceo in Sonora. He said there is a doctor down there that

would sell it to me and that I can't get it here in the U.S. because of the FDA having to approve

it. It is not approved for Mantle Cell Lymphoma, only for breast cancer. So he told me to try to

find it on line and call him back in a couple of days. In the meantime he would contact his

elderly mexican mother who knows the name of a doctor down there that could sell it to me.

He asked me to call him in two days and that he would talk to me. The Spirit was very strong

in the room thanks to many prayers. The doctor was moved with compassion to help me get

my Tykerb medicine for a better price, and I was thrilled. So, I came home and looked on the

internet and still couldn't find anyone online down in Hermosillo that sold it. So I will have to

wait a couple of days. I'm excited to see how this will all work out!


  1. oh boy that is very exciting! It sounds like there will be a way made possible to get it and I hope it is way cheaper than what you are paying now!

  2. What I love about you, Margaret, is that you follow the spirit and trust in the Lord and live the gospel the way it's supposed to be lived. I admire you and appreciate your GREAT example. Thanks.
    By the way, ikathy, is me, your cousin, Kathy Adair.

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