Friday, June 19, 2009

Yeah! My surgeon is helping me!

Today some good things happened. My surgeon is giving me a prescription for 11 months worth

of tykerb. Now, that's a wonderful thing.

In the past, I haven't been able to get a tykerb prescription outside of Texas.

So now, automatically I can save over $600 a month by buying it here in Arizona.

The sad news is that the doctor down in Mexico (that I hoped to buy it from ) had

to close down his office. But, Maria Montoya, a very good friend of mine with family in Mexico,

is helping me find a place to buy it.'s going to work out and hopefully we can get the cost

even cheaper. So that's the exciting news!

I had a great time today. The weather was beautiful and I went for a ride to my sister in law's

house in Queen Creek. Her house is so nice! Then, went a little further and visitied my

daughter in law and her kids. It was just fun! Then, shopping with Christina, out with Larry,

and yea, I kind of over did it but am still doing good! Isn't life's great to be alive.

Sometimes I have heart burn, or my hip hurts from sitting wrong on it at the park, or feeling

a little weak..nothing big really.

It's amazing to be dealing with a major illness and really not have bad side effects.

This is truly a modern day miracle and I am witnessing it first hand. Even

the fact that I can swallow 41 pills a day (that's with the antibiotic that I'm on) and be able

to digest them, is a miracle to me. I don't have the energy that I used to have, but God

is granting me enough energy to do the most important things...and for that I am grateful!

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