Friday, June 12, 2009

Life is Good!

I was just thinking this morning about how blessed I am and how many reasons there are to

rejoice. Life is so interesting with it's many twists and turns, but our trials bring us closer to

God and help us to grow and progress. I have been blessed with a wonderful family. Larry

is so good to me and is very helpful. Our children bring tremendous JOY and we are very

proud of them. They are doing a great job raising their own children as well.

A couple of days ago, Lily (our oldest grandchild-7 years old now) came over and she wanted

to sew. We found an old nightgown and cut it down and together we made a nightgown for her.

It was so fun....quite tiring....and the house got kind of messy. But, it was a great day. Next,

I plan to do something with Emma...and then with Rebecca. So, it will be a fun summer.

I LOVE being a grandmother.

So, tonight is the beginning of our Manning Family Reunion. This year, we are staying in the

valley and just taking it easy. Aaron and Andrea are in charge of tonight's kick off event. We are

going to their time share Marriot Resort in Scottsdale for a barbeque and swimming. Then

in the morning, everyone will come to our house for a pancake and bacon breakfast. It's a

pajama party and even GrM and GrP Manning are coming in their PJ's. We will be doing

3 stations--a family history game, a puppet show, and a care package for our son Thomas who

is serving a mission in Washington. After our home, we will go to Joseph and Christina's for a

mid morning snack, then to Bryan and Maria's for lunch and a craft, then to Jonathan and

Carrie's house for dinner, family video and a treasure hunt. After all that we will end up

at the Memorial Service for my neice's husband Doogie who recently past away.

will be wonderful being together. I love my family!

About my is's improving...but at the same time, because of the staph

infection, I am on this nasty antibiotic called clindamycin that causes the runs. (if you know what

I mean. So, I am staying very close to the bathroom) Not fun.

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  1. that's a bummer.. Tati is taking an antibiotic that does the same :( good to hear things are good otherwise!