Thursday, November 11, 2010

So many blessings

What a wonderful fundraiser we had. My daughter in law, Andrea, did an outstanding

job of organizing, delegating and carrying out the Spaghetti Dinner/Auction. I had a

great time and enjoyed visiting with friends, family, and meeting new people. There

were so many kind people and businesses that donated items and services to be

auctioned. I really appreciate all the many many hours that went into it. My sister

Mary Nielson and her husband were very kind to open up there home and lovely back yard

for the evening. All my kids helped tremendously and that is one way that I feel of

their love for me.

It is difficult at times to take money from people who are very tight themselves. But,

I know that God blesses people in return for all that they do.

Im a new grandmother again. Maria had little Samuel and he is so cute. He has dark

hair and a lot of it. His temperament is so sweet and easy going. Maria worked so

hard in getting donations...up until he was born and then organized and worked after

wards as well. One of our kids donated an I-pad to the organization "Setting Them

Free" to help further the charitable organization that the funds are channeled


Even though I am in remission with cancer....I have some other health problems right

now. My cholesterol is very high and I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. It runs in

the family. I have a doctors appointment next week to learn what I should do about it.

Life is interesting. But, with challenges you learn what is important in life. It's

about God, family, and blessing the lives of others. It's also about freedom. It's

about listening to the still small voice and following the promptings of the Spirit.

I have a lot to accomplish in this life and have an exciting future. Life is good!

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