Friday, November 26, 2010

Blessings from God

As many of you know, my carpeting is very very very ancient. It has holes in it and I

try to cover them up. But that's okay. I pray for new carpeting but always say at the

end of the prayer....that it's an extra, but would be nice. Today, I received a phone

call from a worker at Mesa Sales who said that my name was randomly chosen from the

phone book to get new carpeting. I didn't believe it of course...but inside I hoped

it was true. I knew that they didn't have my cell number of which they called me on.

Finally, he told me that the carpeting was paid for by an anonymous person and that he

will be out on Monday to measure the house and bring samples. I started to cry....and

then I couldn't stop. I've cried my makeup off twice. I'm spoiled and loved and God

truly is blessing us.

I just got a new roof that didn't cost us anything and also, my daughter in laws

parents (The Stapley's)are giving us a beautiful organ.

Now I get carpeting! It's coming before

Christmas. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Jonathan and Carrie and their sweet

family. We enjoyed seeing Aaron and Andrea and their kids last night and today as

well. We sure love our family.

It was the off year for Thanksgiving

so next year everyone will be here...even Thomas. He's coming home on Feb. 15th

from his mission in Washington. Again....I just can't

believe the blessings and I know that all blessings ultimately come from God. There

are angels here on earth that are his hands though. I'm thankful for those ministering

angels. Hopefully through the years I will be able to minister to others and bless

many peoples lives.

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