Thursday, October 7, 2010

Setting Them Free a non-profit foundation

Since I am now in remission with cancer, Larry and I feel a great need to help other

people who the life saving treatment at the Burzynski Clinic. Because of this,

Larry, and others recently started a non-profit foundation to assist people in

learning how to have effective fundraisers as well as other valuable information. We

have learned so much along the journey and want to share information with others. If

you are interested in learning more about the Burzynski Clinic you can see the new

website at:

On November 5th, there will be a Spaghetti Dinner and Live auction at Russell and Mary

Nielson's home in Mesa, AZ. All the proceeds will go directly to helping patients at

the Burzynski Clinic. I am one of those patients. Although I am in remission, I

need to stay on the pills longer. You can specify if you want the money to go to the

general fund or to a specific patient.

There are so many people that have been totally cured

of cancer through Dr. Burzynski's antineoplaston's and gene therapy...and there is a

documentary movie that was recently shown in many theaters throughout the country

about Dr. Burzynski and why the FDA has tried to put him out of business but didn't

win. (It was even shown in New York) I have a copy if anyone is interested in

watching it...or you can see the trailer on the website of

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