Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dr. Kellog's Report at the Cancer Clinic

Today I went to my oncologist who is working hand in hand with Dr. Burzynski.

It was very enlightening.

First, the pet/ct scan actually did show some improvement. The report reads "There has been

marked interval improvement in the PET-CT funsion study with resolution of hypermetabolic

adenopathy in the mediastinum, axillaas, abdomen, and pelvis. Single mildly prominent right

axillary lymph node is demonstrated showing minimal low level metabolic activity.

Otherwise stable PET_CT fusion exam." In the chest the largest lymph node is 1.2 compared to

1.8 on the prior exam.

So, I am really happy about that. At the Burzynski Clinic they said that the pet/ct scan reading

was pretty much the same as the one in January. I think they were more concerned about the

rise in the her2. (Which is a protein that the cancer over expresses)

But, steps are being taken to lower the her2..... and my medicine is costing twice as much as a


Oh well. Life is worth it and I will live and get all better.

I was pleased that all my blood work came back just right and my organs are functioning well.

Also, my echo cardiogram came back within normal range. (A test that tells how the heart is doing)

But, please continue to keep me in your prayers because I know that God hears and answers the

prayers of the faithful and I need all the prayers that I can get. My nephew Brent Thomas also

needs our prayers as he was diagnosed with breast cancer last week and will be having an

operation this week. He is a wonderful young man and is married and has children. He is the

4th in our family with cancer.

We sure had a nice Father's Day with most of the family here. We also celebrated Larry's

birthday a little early and he got his cheesecake. I enjoyed my blueberry ice-cream from Ocean

Blue (that is made with fructose..that I can have)

I'm enjoying my scripture study, prayer, singing the hymns and meditating. I certainly derive

much strength from doing these things as they bring me closer to the Lord and bring the Spirit

into my life!

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  1. You are in my prayers constantly and I know you will continue to improve.