Monday, June 7, 2010

Back from the Clinic

I recently returned from the Burzynski Clinic in Houston and have to make changes in my

medications. I found out that the cancer has stayed the same size as the last visit and pt/scan.

So, that wasn't good news. Dr. Burzynski said that they will be increasing the tykerb and

rapimune and that I will be stopping the zolinza medication. In reviewing the gene marker tests,

they determined that the cancer is over expressing her2 and that the levels have increased. The

medicine changes should take care of it. That is why I go in every 3 have the

medicines adjusted and to have the doctors talk with me in detail about my health. So, it was a

good visit. I need to get a echo cardiogram and find out how my heart is doing as well. I feel in

good hands.

The biggest concern is one that I don't need to worry about....MONEY. The tykerb medicine is

the one that we don't get free from the manufacturer, and now I need to double the amount that

I take. So, it cost double the money. But, I know that the Lord will provide and that my job is to

take the pills and not be over concerned about the money or size of the tumors. Actually, the

doctor said that I am looking very good.

At first, after hearing that the tumors hadn't shrunk more, I started to be a little concerned. But,

then I prayed and got the reassurance from the Lord that all will be well and not to worry about

it. I know in my heart that everything will work out. my source of strength and has been with me

throughout this whole cancer adventure. I also know that through trials, great blessings are

received. Everything is going to work out as promised:)


  1. Your blog posts always come at just the right time for me... when I need a little lift. ;) Your faith is unfailing and so uplifting! Thank you for posting these feelings. I've sent people with cancer to your blog that aren't the same faith as we are, I'm hoping that they will feel 'hope' from reading your blog.

  2. I agree with Cheryl. You are an inspiration to all of us. We love that you will share your feelings and thoughts with us. And we hope you know how much we love you and admire you. You have always been special!!