Friday, March 12, 2010

I love people

I was just thinking about how much I love people. I love my husband and it was so fun to go

with him to visit our daughter Christina and her husband and baby up in Hurricane Utah this

last weekend. It's hard to have had them move out of state....but it was fun to visit them.

I love my brother Richard. He brings a special warm spirit wherever he is. His love for me and

others truly shows. He's been working on our computer and I love to be around him.

I love to talk to Maria during the day...just chatting about whatever. It was great to go to my

nephew's wedding yesterday and hear Pres. Huber give such wise counsel in the temple. I

enjoyed visiting and meeting new people at the reception. Then a great friend, Arline Parker

called today and scolded me gently for not writing on my blog. I told her that I had totally

forgotten....I guess I have been feeling too good!!! I love her. Then, I discovered a darling note

written by an old friend of mine that said she was thinking of me for no reason. Within the note

was $100 for my pills. God is continuing to pour out the blessings through friends.

top it off....2 seconds husband called and said he invited Bryan and Maria and Tate over

for dinner. It's almost 6:00 I better make something besides the beans that I have

cooking in a pot. I love my husband and family and friends. Life is great!

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