Friday, March 19, 2010

I Know He Lives!

This year has been incredible. It was exactly one year...tomorrow...that I was diagnosed with

mantle cell non-hodgkins lymphoma. It's been a journey and I have not been alone.
God has

carried me and has been with me every step of the way. I have an incredible family and loyal

friends which have been a great support to me. Thank you to all that have contributed money,

offered prayers, and given service. I love each of you. God has provided for my needs and has

inspired great doctors to know what medicines my body needs. I feel great and am well on my

way to complete remission.

This year, my grand daughter, Rebecca and I are in the Mesa Arizona Easter Pageant. It's called

"Jesus The Christ". (

We are in 4 scenes together. Buyers at the temple-Jesus teaching the multitude and healing

the people--The Triumphal entry--and the finale.

One of my favorite parts is when Jesus heals the sick people. I reach out to Him as if I want

to touch Him and be healed. my heart, I already know that He has touched me and has

healed me. I think in my mind instead...that I just want to thank Him for blessing me.

It's a miracle!

Then towards the end of the pageant when we all sing "I Know He Lives"....

I sing with all my heart...because I know that Christ lives today. I like to share that message.

He continues to speak to His prophets and to heal and bless us.

I invite all that are able to attend the pageant to come and bring your families and friends.

It's a wonderful way to celebrate the life and teachings of Christ! I hope it doesn't rain

because even if it does the show goes on!

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  1. Thanks Margaret! Hopefully I'll see you next Wed. night in the Pageant. Our Laurels and Priests are going--probably. There is a chance of a change, but most likely we'll be there.