Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I'm excited to hear from our missionary son, Thomas, today. He will be calling from Washington

this afternoon.

It will be great to hear his voice and to feel of his spirit. Every year, I ask my kids and their

spouses to stand up and sing my favorite hymn to me and I'm looking forward to hearing them

sing it today. It's "I Know That My Redeemer Lives." They are all coming over for dinner today

(all that are in state) My children bring great joy to me as they

follow the Savior and trust in his plan and it brings such peace to my heart and soul. Just like

any other mother, my greatest wish and desire is to know that my family is happy:) and true

happiness comes by following the Gospel Plan of Happiness.

I wish all mothers could feel the peace and joy that I feel today. I love my dear mother and

mother in law who are in heaven and was thinking about what gift to give them even though they

aren't on this earth any longer. Larry and I decided that we would show increased love to one

another this year and serve each other more...that is the gift that our mothers would want.

Happy Mother's Day! (My husband got me a darling little puppy! She's so cute!)

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