Saturday, January 30, 2010

Feeling carried

Sometimes I feel that the Lord is carrying me. Actually....all the time. He has blessed us in so

many ways that I just don't have enough fingers and toes to count the blessings on.

example, he helped us modify our house loan, a bill for $1,000 was just dropped and the

company wrote it off, our dental credit card percentage was dropped 20%...amazing. Our

daughter, Maria, posts our business on Craig's list and we are starting to get a lot more work

because of it! Joseph, our son in law is working for us and doing a great job with bids and we

are starting to see the fruit of his labor. Richard, my brother, is in the middle of creating a new

website for our business and is quite the master mind when it comes to computers. I could just

go on and on and on. I hope that everyone can experience the love and support in their lives

just as I feel love and support from my dear husband, family, friends, and especially the Lord.

God is my best friend and I love Him with all of my heart.

He has made my burdens light and continues to warm my heart and fill my

life with joy!

I'm happy and find so much joy in teaching my grandchildren piano and singing

lessons. They are just so cute and delightful to be around. I think they actually help me to heal

in many ways. Just being around them makes my heart smile!

On a lighter note, last night I dyed my hair a dark brown.

It's been a year since I put any color on it and my doctor said I shouldn't use any chemicals on

my hair but that I could use henna from the health food store. I was skeptical at first

because my sister said that it made her hair turn red. So, I heard that if you add coffee to the

dry henna in the preparation stage instead of water that it helps to eliminate the redness. So,

Larry and I went to MacDonald's and bought coffee. It was so embarrassing. I made sure that

the lady at the window knew what it was for. I stayed up late last night following the

directions exactly. It has to be on the hair for 3 hours. So by 1:30 or 2 pm I had finished. It

was a job...but it turned out! Yea! Hope it lasts a while. I was getting tired of the mousy

grayish brown color. It makes me feel even better to have my hair darker again. Also,

I got a pair of glasses so now I can see better. I'm just feeling like a new person!

Also, I had an appointment with my oncologist, Dr.Kellogg, a couple of days ago and he said

that he also feels that I am in partial remission just as the other doctors had stated.

He said to keep doing what Dr. Burzynski prescribes....because it is working.

He is amazed at the progress and probably quite surprised as well!

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